This is another entry in a series of multi-classes that I have put together that are meant to be fun. I aim for them to be functional but primarily they are not intended to be optimized, overpowered, DM irritating, or superheroes. I think of an idea and start putting it…

The first week of practice is in the books. We have had an intrasquad meet and it seemed very favorable. There are some young freshmen across the team which will make an impact in year one.

The oddest thing about this season is the numbers. Even though we are not…

I love this sport. The unique blend of challenges in always getting kids to reach for their best, believe they did good, and advising they have potential causes it to fluctuate.

Teaching them to find joy in what others have accomplished around them even if they don’t do great.


Written August 2020 the day before my daughter was born.

This is the last night I have before I become a father.

There are many thoughts I have to give to my daughter.

Life will test you in more ways than one.

While challenges abound don't forget to have fun.

This is the first one of a series of homebrews that I am putting together in order to take a different approach to my love of dungeons and dragons.


While others heal with the assistance of magic you never; never discovered the knack or chose to refuse magical guidance…

The Black Balloon

Red and yellow and,
Pink and green,
Purple and orange
And blue
Every color of the rainbow
Black and white,
Dark and light
The sun shines on each…

Ron Whitley

Budding author, nerd, coach, outdoor enthusiast who enjoys sports.

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